Tiles for inside

Technical features

NF UPEC Classification

NF UPEC is a French standard issued by CSTB

  • U Wear due to Walking
  • P Punching due to furniture and other stationary or moving objects
  • E Water (Behaviour to water)
  • C Behaviour to chemical agents

PEI Standard: abrasion resistance for glazed porcelain tiles

PEI Classification U Premises
PEI II U2 Low traffic: bedroom without outside access

Medium traffic:
Apartment : bathroom and bedroom without direct connection with outside
Private home (except kitchen) with access towards outside protected by a carpet

PEI iV U3 Heavy traffic: all parts of house
PEI V U3S Very heavy traffic: very strong solicitation in house and public premises

Glazed porcelain stoneware answers the requirements of the NF standard in 14411 annex G / group B1a and annexe H / group B1b according to the following main criteria:

Water absorption % B1a ≤ 0,5%  |  B1b 0,5% < E ≤ 3%
Dimensional Characteristics
NF in ISO   10545-2
Resistance to abrasion
NF in ISO   10545-7
Frost resistance
NF in ISO   10545-12
Resistance to acids, bases
NF in ISO   10545-13
Stain resistance
NF in ISO   10545-14

Average thickness of tiles :

The thickness of tiles varies according to size:

  • 30x30 and 34x34 = 8 mm
  • 43x43 and 45x45 = 9 mm
  • 30x60 and 60x60 = 10 mm