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Parefeuille ProvenceParefeuille Provence

At your service since 1963, PAREFEUILLE PROVENCE has a range of tiles in glazed porcelain stoneware, which conform nthe French, NF UPEC and European standards.

Our tiles are produced in two French factories:

  • Parefeuille Provence at Fournes, located between Nimes and Avignon,
  • at Oiry located between Epernay and Rheims.

The two factories employ 200 people and produce more than 6,5 million m2 per year. The use of the best raw materials ensures that ours tiles are extremely robust with very low porosity meaning they are ideal for both interior and exterior use, Parefeuille's tiles will give you years of satisfied use.


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Parefeuille Provence is a subsidiary of the compagnie Gambini Group. The group located in Italy, represents 400 employees for a tunover of 90 millions € par an.